Molokai Island Energy Project will be a solar field and a companion battery storage system, located on vacant industrial land adjacent to the MECo power plant. The project has been designed to be safe, quiet, and low rise, a good neighbor for residents of central Molokai.  


Battery Storage System

  • Provided and warranted by major global corporations

  • Long track record for safety and reliabilty

  • Lithium ion technology to provide a wide range of grid support services

Solar Plant

  • State of the art panels

  • Industry-leading efficiency, longevity, ruggedness

  • Sized to serve 41% of annual electricity use on Molokai


Status of the Development

  1. The new census of Molokai and Maui, as of October 31, 2018, has made the New Markets tax credit unavailable and we are working closely with United Fund Advisors to petition for a release to allow the credit to issue.

  2. We remain on schedule to build this project and will not wait for the New Markets Tax credit to issue. We are hopeful that it will issue next year.

  3. We have completed geotech drilling, topographic survey, and archeology surveys, in addition to wetland delineation, flora and fauna site study, and stormwater discharge review.

  4. With the site diligence complete, we have completed a civil, mechanical, and electrical design package and submitted for permitting.